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Cordillera Real

Alpamayo 17,164ft. / 5370m
Huayna Potosi 19,968ft. / 6088m
Illimani 21,120ft. / 6439m


14 Days

Difficulty Level

Experienced to Beginner


$5800 per person


Bolivia has always attracted mountaineers from all over the world, because of the varied degree of climbing levels that it has to offer (easy to difficult). As a result, it gives adventurers a chance to hone their mountaineering skills and also live up to their dream of a perfect Bolivian expedition, right here in South America. There are two main classification of mountain ranges in Bolivia, which we are offering as part of this expedition, namely : Cordillera Real and Cordillera Occidental.

Cordillera Real

Cordillera Real(also known as Cordillera Oriental) lies in the Bolivian Andes and positioned southeast of Lake Titicaca and south of La Paz, the capital of Bolivia . Cordillera Real runs across the country, thus splitting Bolivia from north to south. The glaciers here are always thick. It is interesting to note the presence of indigenous villages in the foothills namely Aymara and Quechua.

Popular peaks for this expedition include :
  • > Pequeno Alpamayo (5410 m ./17,750 ft)
  • > Huayna Potosi (6,088 m / 19,974 ft)
  • > Illimani peak (6442 m / 21,122 ft)

K1 Adventures brings this amazing 14 day adventure that offers - Pequeno Alpamayo, Huayna Potosi and Illimani, as a package.

Itinerary : (Pequeno Alpamayo, Huayna Potosi and Illimani)

  • 01
    DAY 1

    Arrive in La Paz, the only city in the world with an elevation of 12,000 ft. Hence, this gives us a better chance to acclimatise. You can relax for some time in Accommodation( hotel), where a fantastic dinner would be served. Our staff will be present at all times so that you get a chance to interact with other members as well.

  • 02
    DAY 2

    After breakfast, we shall spend the day exploring some famous sites that would also enable us to adapt to the elevation. It is worth visiting Tiwanaku, an ancient pre-columbian archaeological site, that has an imposing stone structure known as the Gate of the Sun. Some inscriptions have faded over the years while some have managed to be deciphered. We will have lunch in between and continue to explore, before heading back to the hotel.

  • 03
    DAY 3

    Another day waiting to be explored. After breakfast, it is time to visit Lake Titicaca, which is 2 hours drive away from La Paz and the world's highest lake at 12400 ft. The lake gives an excellent view of the Andes range. In the evening we will return to our hotel in La Paz. These trips give us enough time for acclimatisation, which is really necessary

  • 04
    DAY 4

    The real adventure begins. After breakfast, we will make our way to the base camp at 4650 m. The essential gear will be carried by animals to Tuni. The best part of this stretch is that it is an easy way to ascend. The views are just incredible. We suggest you bring some extra pair of batteries if your camera runs out of one. We shall call it a day. Dinner will be made by the cooking staff.

  • 05
    DAY 5

    We shall start early, after breakfast to spot the hidden peak that is none other than Pequeno Alpamayo. This peak has pyramidal structure and sometimes remains covered in mist. We will be climbing this broad and magnificent glacier that takes close to five hours before we make our ascent on to the pyramid. Once at the peak, the world looks small. The feeling can’t be described in words. After spending some good time, we have some snacks and make our way down to the base camp, and rest.

  • 06
    DAY 6

    We shall begin the day by a filling breakfast, and heading towards Huayna Potosi’s base camp near Laguna Zongo at 15,700 ft. Lunch will be made available in the camps. A good amount of rest is also crucial.

  • 07
    DAY 7

    Post- breakfast,we will gradually make our way from the base camp to the high camp with the porters, which is situated at a height of 17,384 ft. This hike takes about three hours and we shall then break for lunch and rest for the day.

  • 08
    DAY 8

    Finally, the day has arrived, carrying the excitement with us, we start early for the summit of Huayna Potosi (19,974 ft). This ascent will be steep, laden with snow, facing the north. It takes around six hours to reach the summit. It is worth making this ascent. We will then start our descent to the base camp, where the jeeps would be taking us to our hotels in La Paz and rest for the night and enjoy the dinner.

  • 09
    DAY 9

    The day is free for you to spoil yourself. You can shop or just relax in La Paz. If interested you can drop a visit to the Witch’s market (locally known as El Mercado de las Brujas)

  • 10
    DAY 10

    It’s time to visit Illimani basecamp after breakfast. Our aim is Nevado Illimani. We will set out in vehicles to a scenic village of Hacienda Una, where we load our burros for the base camp trek. The trek to the base camp takes about four hours, presenting us with rich views of highlands. We shall spend the night at the base camp. It just feels fantastic spending these nights in accommodations.

  • 11
    DAY 11

    Another wonderful day that begins with breakfast, followed by our journey to the high camp by the name of Condor’s nest, at an elevation of 17,880 ft. This trek takes four to five hours. To make this trek even more relaxing, the porters would be assisting us with the gears and other equipment. One can enjoy the beautiful sunset at Altiplano.

  • 12
    DAY 12

    Illimani summit day has finally arrived. We start trekking early with the first ray sun and after six hours, we reach the summit of Illimani. The bright rays of sun striking the particles of snow and rocks creates a whole different aura around. Did you know that Pico Sur is the highest point of Illimani? We start descending to our base camp, after thrilling views at the summit.

  • 13
    DAY 13

    We commence our return leg from Illimani base camp to Una,and from there the vehicles will be transferring us to the hotel in La Paz. This will be the last night in La Paz. You can indulge in some window shopping or buy gifts before you depart for your home country.

  • 14
    DAY 14

    We will transfer you to the La Paz international airport for your flight back home

Cordillera Occidental

These are the mountain ranges that are spread on the western edge of Bolivia and form a natural border with Chile.

The highest peak of Cordillera Occidental is Nevado Sajama volcano, which is snow laden for most parts of the year. Nevado Sajama is one of the most popular volcanoes amongst adventurers, with an 80 % summit success rate and is best suitable for beginners to intermediate climbers.

Itinerary with Nevado Sajama extension

  • 15
    DAY 15

    We shall begin our day by breakfast and drive from the hotel in La Paz to the village of Sajama (13,944 ft), which takes close to four hours. This village lies at the base of the volcano Sajama. Once in the village, we will start trekking towards the base camp for the next four hours, with the help of mules that would be carrying the gears and other equipment. The base camp is at an elevation of 15,749 ft. You can enjoy the views enroute and we shall have a relaxed evening.

  • 16
    DAY 16

    This morning, we shall begin by gradually advancing towards the Sajama high camp (19,030 ft) from the base camp, after breakfast. The hike to the high camp takes about four hours. Upon arriving at the high camp, we shall have dinner, relax and sleep.

  • 17
    DAY 17

    It is the Sajama summit day, where we begin early with the sun and trek towards the summit of Sajama. This trek is accomplished in eight hours. The views never cease to grab our attention. After some lighter moments, we will begin our descent towards the base camp, which would take three to four hours. Once at the base camp, we will relax and it always feels great to interact. Dinner follows and soon it's time to go to bed.

  • 18
    DAY 18

    We will trek from base camp to our vehicles, along with the porters after breakfast. The vehicles will transfer us to the hotels in La Paz.

  • 19
    DAY 19

    We will transfer you to El Alto international airport), for your flight back home.

  • Airport transfers
  • Hotel accommodation for 2 days before the expedition and 1 night after the expedition is over.
  • For members climbing Illimani, we add 2 more nights (2 before, 2 in the middle, 1 at the end).
  • Meals included for the expedition phase.
  • Dinner and breakfast at the hotel in La Paz.
  • Guides and porter fees are included.
  • Kitchen equipment and gear.
  • Certified, professional guides, local staff and mules.
  • Transportation from the hotel to the base camp and return segment to La Paz.
  • All the mandatory permits for climbing, and national park fees, museum and sun gate..
  • Tented accommodation on a shared basis at base camps and high camps.
  • International airfare and visas for La Paz.
  • Medical and health insurance.
  • Covid-19 tests and quarantines, if any.
  • Emergency evacuation.
  • Accommodation and meals, in case you intend to arrive early in La Paz or wish to spend time beyond the itinerary.
  • Personal expenditure, food and beverages.
  • Climbing gear and personal equipment.
  • Tips for the guides and support staff for the expedition (250-300 USD per staff).
Gears Checklist
  • Climbing gear which includes ice axe, 12-point crampons, harness, safety helmet, trekking poles.
  • Accessories such as prusik loop (1x5mm), Perlon cord (20’ of 7mm), ascender with handle, slings (2x 48’), regular lightweight carabiners (4 no.) and ATC for rappelling.
  • For a backpack and sleeping , we recommend you a climbing backpack of 60L capacity, a mini backpack for the day, sleeping bag and sleeping pads that can withstand extreme cold weather.
  • Essential camp accessories such as food grade plastic bowls, spoons, cups, headlamp, batteries, water bottles of 2L capacity and multi-utility pocket knives are strongly recommended.
  • For footwear, double climbing boots, gaiters, camping shoes, comfortable hiking boots, socks(x 4 pairs).
  • For clothing, it would be better to have an insulated parka, soft shell jackets, shell pants, synthetic insulated full zip pants, sweater, soft shell climbing pants, synthetic tops (2 no.) and a synthetic long john.
  • For outerwear accessories please ensure you have already packed woollen mufflers/ bandanas, hats, heavy climbing gloves, leather gloves and ear plugs.
  • It is highly suggested to bring along glacier doggles, sunglasses, wristwatch, small travel towel, moisturiser, facewash, tooth paste, first aid kit pack / medicines such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, antacid and throat lozenges, antibiotic such as Azithromycin, medication for asthma if any sunscreen with an SPF of minimum 30, lip balm and a universal charger for your smartphone or laptop.
  • Food friendly plastic bowls and spoons and disposable glasses for beverages.
  • Ensure that you have some scanned copies of your visas and passport in a digital format, just for an easy reference.
Dates July 1 - July 14, 2023
July 17 - July 30, 2023
August 7 - August 20, 2023
September 29 - October 12, 2023
Cost 5800 USD per person
Deposit Amount 1740 USD
Now, Nevado Sajama add-on for
Cost : $970
Schedule for Cordillera Occidental
Duration 5 Days
Dates June 18 - June 22, 2023
July 15 - July 20, 2023
August 18 - August 22, 2023
August 25 - August 29, 2023
Cost 970 USD per person
Deposit Amount 291 USD
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