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Cordillera Blanca

Chopicalqui summit, (20,846 ft. / 6354 m)
Churup lake (Laguna Churup)
69 lake
Nevado Pisco


15 Days

Difficulty Level



$5650 per person


These fantastic mountain ranges are situated in the northern part of Peru and are surrounded by Peruvian Andes mountain peaks that are 6000 m high above sea level, the highest being the peak of Huascaran. The landscape is challenging and the oxygen is thin, but this never dampened the spirit of adventurers. For many, taking a closer look at Cordillera Blanca is a dream come true. Did you know that Cordillera Blanca means The white mountain?

Churup lake (Laguna Churup) : Is one of the most beautiful and impressive lakes in Peru, with turquoise waters which attracts many travellers. This lake offers a good scope for acclimatisation hikes.

69 lake : This magnificent water body is amongst the most spectacular blue colour lakes situated in Huascaran national park, Peru. This lake can be viewed while approaching the valley of Llanganuco.

Nevado Pisco : Is popular amongst mountaineers as it helps them to work on their climbing skills. Pisco is located 60 km away from the city of Huaraz in Peru. While several different routes lead up to the summit of Nevado Pisco, the most preferred route is the Southwest ridge route.

Chopicalqui mountain : Is located in Huascaran national park, and is always considered to be one of the easiest mountains to climb under the 6000 m category in Peru. It is highly recommended that climbers try the Pisco first, just as a warm before attempting Chopicalqui summit. Be a part of this memorable journey, only with K1 Adventures.

  • 01
    DAY 1

    Arrival in Lima and you will be transferred to the hotel. You can relax for the evening.

  • 02
    DAY 2

    After breakfast, we shall head towards Huaraz (3,100 m / 10,170 ft.) in a private vehicle, which would take eight hours. The views enroute are splendid. We will be making a stop for an authentic lunch. Overnight accommodation will be at a hotel that gives us a chance to acclimatise at 10,000 ft / 3000 m.

  • 03
    DAY 3

    Process of acclimatising continues, with the necessary gear, followed by a briefing. Breakfast follows. The night will be spent in the accommodation.

  • 04
    DAY 4

    After breakfast, the vehicle takes us from Huaraz to Pitec (3,850 m / 12,631 ft.), which takes 1 hour. We shall then hike and return which takes 5-6 hours. We shall then head back to Huaraz in the vehicle, which takes 1 hour. Lunch is served at the accommodation.

  • 05
    DAY 5

    This morning, after a good breakfast, we will head from Huaraz to Cebollapampa (3,900 m / 12,795 ft) which takes 2.5 hours and start our hike up the lake and later start our descent to Yuraccorral that takes 5-6 hours. Lunch will be arranged. There will also be a reception event. We shall be staying in camp accommodation for the night. Dinner would also be served.

  • 06
    DAY 6

    After a yummy breakfast , we shall hike from Yuraccorral up to Pisco Base Camp (3 hrs.) and during the afternoon we shall rest post-lunch. There is a reception awaiting our arrival and the night will be spent in camp accommodation with dinner.

  • 07
    DAY 7

    The day is meant for rest at Pisco base camp. We will have breakfast leisurely and interact and also discuss the mountaineering gear and further process. This would last for about 3-4 hours. Lunch follows. Acclimatisation continues to make everybody feel comfortable. Reception and dinner is also on the offer and the night will be spent in camp accommodation.

  • 08
    DAY 8

    Time to get up early and after breakfast head to the glacier and then head to the Pisco Summit(5,754 m / 18,877 ft.). After lunch we shall return to our Pisco base camp. The total time taken is around 10 hours. Dinner is served at the camp accommodation.

  • 09
    DAY 9

    Post breakfast, from Base Camp walk down to Cebollapampa (1 ½ / 2 hrs.) and will be transferred to Kinzl Curve(4,200 m / 13,779 ft.) and then an approximation hike to Chopicalqui base camp(4,350 m / 14,271 ft.) that takes 1 h. Lunch, reception and dinner is included at the camp accommodation.

  • 10
    DAY 10

    After breakfast, head from Chopicalqui Base Camp walk up to Moraine Camp (4,950 m / 16,240 ft.) that takes 4 hours. We will have a nice lunch during this leg, followed by a nice reception and dinner at the camp accommodation.

  • 11
    DAY 11

    The morning will begin from Moraine Camp with a walk up to Glacier Camp / Camp I(5,450 m / 17,880 ft.) in 4 hours after breakfast. Ascent involves moraine and glacier terrain. We shall take a lunch break and proceed further to the camp accommodation, for the night stay after the dinner.

  • 12
    DAY 12

    From Glacier Camp / Camp I; climb up to Chopicalqui summit(6,354 m / 20,846 ft.) and down to the established Camp I. The descent depends on the climatic conditions to Base Camp or Moraine Camp. The total time taken is close to 12-14 hours.

  • 13
    DAY 13

    After breakfast, from Moraine Camp / Base Camp walk down to Kinzl curve in 3 hours and then head back to Huaraz in the vehicle that takes 3-4 hours. Lunch is included and we will be staying in the hotel in Huaraz.

  • 14
    DAY 14

    After breakfast, you will be heading from Huaraz to Lima in the vehicle; during the day that takes 8 hours, with a break for lunch enroute. The accommodation for the night will be in a hotel in Lima.

  • 15
    DAY 15

    Time to depart Lima, for your home.

Mt. Alpamayo(5,947 m / 19,511 ft.)

Mt. Alpamayo (also known as Shutyaraju) is amongst the most beautiful mountains of Peru in South America, which is located on the northern ridge of Cordillera Blanca. Climbing this mountain can be challenging due to the layer of ice and the steep angle of ascent that could be 60 degrees or more. Often climbers return amidst the trek due to the frequent build up of clouds. Alpamayo saw its first climber in 1951 by J.Jongen, G.Kogan, R. Leininger and M.Lenoir.

Itinerary with Mt. Alpamayo extension

  • 1
    DAY 1

    We shall begin the day by breakfast and then heading from Huaraz to the village of Vaqueria(3,650 m / 11,975 ft.) by vehicle, which takes 4 hours. After lunch, we shall trek towards Paria camp (3,800 m / 12,467 ft) that takes 2.5 hours to reach. It always feels amazing to witness a warm reception at such amazing places. We shall be in a camp accommodation for the night, after dinner.

  • 2
    DAY 2

    On this day after breakfast, it’s time to walk from Praia Camp up to the Punta Union Pass (4,750 m / 15,583 ft.), and then down to Alpamayo Base Camp, with a total time of 7 hours. Lunch break is included and for the night will be staying in camp accommodation, where dinner would also be served.

  • 3
    DAY 3

    After some heavy breakfast, it’s time to walk from Alpamayo base camp up to Moraine Camp(4,950 m / 16,240 ft.), which is covered in 4 hours. We understand it gets tiring pretty easily, hence we break for the night at camp accommodation, where the cooking staff would serve us dinner.

  • 4
    DAY 4

    We trek toward the glacier camp(5,450 m / 17,880 ft.) from Moraine camp that takes about 4 hours. We will accomplish this leg after breakfast and will be halting for lunch break. A gradual trek enhances the acclimatisation levels. For the night we will be staying in the camp accommodation, where dinner is included.

  • 5
    DAY 5

    We start our day early after breakfast by trekking, from glacier camp to Alpamayo summit (5,947 m / 19,511 ft.). Later descend to glacier camp. The total time from ascent to base camp is about 8 hours. Another 3 hours ,we would be in our base camp. It will be a fantastic night at the camp accommodation as we finally get to share the moments along with the dinner.

  • 6
    DAY 6

    Fully fuelled by breakfast, we will initiate walking towards the village of Cashapampa from the base camp. It is a 7 hour walk, hence, we break for lunch before continuing further. Having arrived in Cashapampa, we will be transferred to Huaraz which takes 2.5 hours.

  • Transfer in a private vehicle to the airport in Lima
  • Lima-Huaraz & Huaraz -Lima leg vehicle transfer
  • Huaraz – Pitec (approach / return transfer). Acclimatisation hike to Churup Lake.
  • Huaraz – Yuraccorral (approach). Acclimatisation hike to 69 Lake and Mt. Pisco Climb
  • Cebollapampa – Kinzl Curve (approach). Climbing Mt. Chopicalqui.
  • Kinzl Curve – Huaraz (return). Climbing Mt. Chopicalqui.
  • Hotel accommodation in Lima on a twin sharing basis.
  • Hotel accommodation Huaraz on a twin sharing basis.
  • Professional, IFMGA/UIAGM, AGMP mountain guides who are always ready to help and clear doubts regarding expedition.
  • Porters and cooks for carrying gear and preparing meals respectively.
  • Muleteer, responsible for managing mules during the expedition.
  • As far as food is concerned, during our expeditions; all meals are prepared by our Cook; meals between fresh, and dehydrated. Our cook will prepare meals that incorporate our traditional Peruvian delicacies: If you require a particular diet or are a vegetarian, you must anticipate your request by writing us an email for it, we will try to adapt as much as possible. However, special diets are not always 100% available and cannot be guaranteed in their entirety. In the detailed program are specified the meals that are offered every day (Breakfast, Box Lunch or Picnic, Reception and Dinner).
  • Camping equipment : Bi-personal tents (means: 1 Tent per 2 Customers / Persons). − Kitchen and Dining Equipment; Tent Kitchen and Dining Room (complete utensils and fuel).
  • Walkie talkie radios for communication.
  • Climbing tools such as ropes, Ice screws, Quick Draws (express), Snow Pickets, Cordelettes, Carabiners, and Snow Pickets.
  • First aid kit containing essential supplies of medicines, bandages.
  • International airfares from your country of departure to Lima, visas for Peru and insurance.
  • Deviations from itinerary
  • Huascaran national park permit fee.
  • Domestic flights to Huaraz-Lima-Huaraz.
  • Climbing gears and the mountaineering equipment for the expedition
  • Tips and bonus to the guides and porters.
  • Covid-19 tests and quarantines, if any
  • Laundry charges
  • Emergency evacuation and hospitalisation
  • Personal expenditures, beverages and food.
  • If you arrive in Lima ahead of the booked itinerary
  • Room upgrades.
  • Delays due to climate, flights or blockage of roads.
  • Accommodation for additional nights for your stay in Lima or Huaraz.
  • For base layer clothing, short sleeve synthetic shirt(x2), long sleeve shirt and long pants.
  • Soft shell jacket to be worn over other layers, soft shell pants which are water repellant.
  • Lightweight nylon pants
  • Shell pants which are water resistant and breathable.
  • Insulated heavyweight jacket with hood.
  • Thermos and water bottles with 2L capacity.
  • Balaclava for the protection of face and skin against wind.
  • A hat or cap, snow goggles, sunglasses
  • Lightweight synthetic gloves, liner gloves and leather gloves.
  • Synthetic and liner socks (3 pairs)
  • Mountaineering boots, hiking boots.
  • A full length self inflating sleeping bag
  • A 65 Litre backpack for this expedition
  • Climbing gear such as crampons, ice axe, harness, ropes, carabiners(2 regular , 4 locking)
  • Trekking poles with snow basket, safety helmet with lamp and extra pair of batteries.
  • A large duffle bag and a small duffle bag, clothes for city tour separately, toothpaste, toothbrush, sunscreen, facewash, fully stocked first aid kit, sneakers for city tour.
Dates June 5 - June 19, 2023
June 23 - July 7, 2023
August 25 - September 8, 2023
October 27 - November 10, 2023
Cost 5650 USD per person
Deposit Amount 1695 USD
Now, ALPAMAYO add-on for
Price : $ 4200
Schedule for Mt. Alpamayo
Duration 6 Days
Dates June 21 - June 26, 2023
July 9 -.July 14, 2023
August 11 - August 16, 2023
September 1 - September 6, 2023
Cost 4200 USD per person
Deposit Amount 1260 USD
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