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(22,837ft / 6961m)


18 Days

Difficulty Level



$4500 per person


This mountain is an extinct volcano that last saw activity around 90 million years ago. One of the highest outside Asia and the name originates from the native Quechua language. The Aconcagua mountain lies in the west-central part of Argentina, near the border with Chile. If planning to embark on this jaw dropping expedition, please make sure you are at leisure with ample days at your disposal.It is always recommended to have good backpacking and climbing skills.

  • 01
    DAY 1

    Arrive in Mendoza and rest at the accommodation. Refresh yourself with delicious meals. Later assemble to know each other and discuss details and rest for the day.

  • 02
    DAY 2

    After breakfast, we will go to the Aconcagua park office to obtain the entrance permit. Now, a 3 hour drive takes us to the village of Penitentes, and from there to our accommodation. In the afternoon, we will make our way to the base camp by mules. For the night dinner is served.

  • 03
    DAY 3

    We head towards Horcones, Aconcagua park entrance. Once the permits are checked by the park ranger, we then make our way to the Confluencia at 3390 m. We will spend the time by analysing our gear, and enjoy the views with some tea and dinner. Accommodation will be in double tents.

  • 04
    DAY 4

    It is important to acclimatise well. After breakfast, we will trek for 5 hours until we reach Plaza Francia viewpoint, which offers stunning views of Aconcagua mountain. We will be taking a break for lunch. For the night we will stay in double tents, where dinner is served.

  • 05
    DAY 5

    After breakfast, we start early for Plaza de Mulas, at an altitude of 4300 m. After hiking for 8-9 hours, we will reach Plaza de Mulas. We will have lunch in between the trek. By the end of the day, the altitude can be experienced. Spend the night in double tents after dinner.

  • 06
    DAY 6

    It is the day for rest, at Plaza de Mulas. We shall organise our equipment, do a medical checkup and organise the food for the next day. The day gives us an opportunity to check out the surroundings and know the area, staff

  • 07
    DAY 7

    Today, we will head towards camp 1, after breakfast along with the gear to camp1, known as camp Canada with minimal loads and return to Plaza de Mulas.

  • 08
    DAY 8

    It will be the day just to rest at Plaza de Mulas at 4300 m.

  • 09
    DAY 9

    After breakfast, we will move to Camp 1 after walking for 5 hours (at 5050 m.). We will rest in tented accommodation and assemble for dinner.

  • 10
    DAY 10

    Time to head to Camp 2 which lies at an elevation of 5550 m. Acclimatisation continues and we spend the night in double tents after dinner.

  • 11
    DAY 11

    It’s important to get acclimatised. Our guides may suggest some activities to get used to the weather at this altitude at 5550 m.

  • 12
    DAY 12

    After breakfast it is time to head to Camp 3, situated at an altitude of 5970 m. For the night we shall make ourselves cosy in the double tented accommodation.

  • 13
    DAY 13

    We embark early, around 5 A.M and make our way to the Independence refuge, situated at 6380 m. We pass through Porte Zuelo del Viento and La Canaleta, before reaching the summit at 6992 m. Unbelievable views that you can capture. We later make our way down to camp 3.

  • 14
    DAY 14-15

    Extra days reserved, just in case the climate turns unfavourable. If all goes well, we shall make our way to the base camp.

  • 16
    DAY 16

    We return to Plaza de Mulas

  • 17
    DAY 17

    Descend to Penitentes and head to Mendoza

  • 18
    DAY 18

    The journey comes to an end in Mendoza. You can take a bus to the capital for your flight back home

  • IFMGA/UIAGM certified and professional mountain guides and porters
  • Mules to carry the gear to the base camp
  • All the vital group climbing gear
  • All the land based transport in Argentina
  • Airport pick up on your arrival
  • Two (2) nights of lodging in a 3 star hotel in the city of Mendoza, double or triple, half board, beverages not included.
  • Hotel accommodation in Penitentes
  • Breakfast / dinner on the first day of your arrival in Argentina and all meals included for the expedition phase at basecamps and high camps. The dining domes are completely equipped with tables, chairs, dishes and electricity, to provide the highest comfort and quality service. You will be attended to by our camp Team, in charge of preparing meals and offering an exceptional service with friendly treatment.
  • All the group supplies such as stoves, tents and utensils.
  • We offer you free connectivity in our base camps. We have the Satellite Internet service that allows an exclusive connection to our camps.
  • You can also recharge your communication device at no cost. The device charging service is achieved
  • thanks to our electrical infrastructure with solar panels, unique in Aconcagua.
  • International airfare from your home country to Argentina, visa and insurance.
  • Personal gear expenditures on food, beverages etc.
  • Covid-19 tests and quarantines if any.
  • Laundry charges
  • Permit fee of USD 700 USD approximately per person for Aconcagua.
  • Fees for the helpers/porters.
  • Tips and summit bonus for the guides (not mandatory but is a good gesture.)
  • Emergency evacuation and hospitalisation.
  • Any additional day or night in Argentina which is not covered in the booked expedition
  • For base layer clothing, short sleeve synthetic shirt(x2), long sleeve shirt and long pants.
  • Soft shell jacket to be worn over other layers, soft shell pants which are water repellant.
  • Lightweight nylon pants
  • Shell pants which are water resistant and breathable.
  • Insulated heavyweight jacket with hood.
  • Thermos and water bottles with 2L capacity
  • Plastic food friendly bowls and spoons along with disposable eco friendly glasses for beverages
  • Balaclava for the protection of face and skin against wind.
  • A hat or cap, snow goggles, sunglasses
  • Lightweight synthetic gloves, liner gloves and leather gloves.
  • Synthetic and liner socks (3 pairs)
  • Mountaineering boots, hiking boots.
  • A full length self inflating sleeping bag
  • A 65 Litre backpack for this expedition
  • Climbing gear such as crampons, ice axe, harness, ropes, carabiners(2 regular , 4 locking)
  • Trekking poles with snow basket, safety helmet with lamp and extra pair of batteries.
  • A large duffle bag and a small duffle bag, clothes for city tour separately, toothpaste, toothbrush, sunscreen, facewash, fully stocked first aid kit, sneakers for city tour.
  • Photocopies of your passport, visa and passport size photographs plus other documents
Dates November 2 - November 20, 2023
November 23 - December 10, 2023
December 29 - January 15, 2024
February 23 - March 18, 2024
Cost 4500 USD per person
Deposit Amount 1350 USD
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